葉巻が在る生活提案誌 ヒュミドール

ゆったりと葉巻を燻らせる時を持つ生活をCALM STYLEと呼びます。

There are various touch in the cigar.
You become in the aroma of the cigar, do the charm,
it becomes the prisoner of the cigar,and your living will pass around the cigar.
Life with time when the cigar is made to smoke
is called CALM STYLE in a relaxed manner.
It is wonderful to distribute the comfort and sticking to to the simplified living.
Existence of cigar by which composure and enriching mind
are requested while exciting the senses.
Relations between cigar and modern life that have been loved since old age each other.
HUMIDOR is spicy little bit existence in your life.



葉巻の研究書と言ったら良いのだろうか。それとも映画の本と言ったら良いのだろうか。「HOLY SMOKING」でユーモアたっぷりの文で独特の世界を表現したカブレラ・インファンテ。彼がこよなく愛したキューバの葉巻ブランドと言えば「Por Larranaga」。時折燻らせているとインファンテのことを思い出してしまう。つい最近、フエンテファミリーから「TheLost City」という葉巻がリリースされると知らせがあった。映画「TheLost City」のロケ地であったフエンテの農場で実際に育てられていた葉がやっと熟成期を迎えたということだろうか。この6月に日本でも発売になる。微妙な気持ちになってしまうがさて葉巻は燻らせてみないと何ともいえない。これを機会にインファンテをお浚いすることにしよう。

映画「The Lost City」の原作者ギリェルモ・カブレラ・インファンテは、キューバの亡命作家だった。2005年2月21日にロンドンから訃報が配信された。30年以上にわたり暮らした亡命先のロンドンの病院で死去した。享年75歳だった。ギリェルモ・カブレラ・インファンテは、映画評論を手がける若手の知識人として、1959年のキューバ革命を支持していたというが、カストロ政権が共産主義色を強め、言論統制の危険性が高まったことに失望。キューバを出国し、ベルギーのキューバ大使館職員を経て、1965年に英国に亡命。その2年後、 1967年に発表した「Three Trapped Tigers」(邦題「三頭の淋しい虎」:スペインで初刊行)は革命前のハバナの華やかな夜の世界を描き出した傑作といわれ、この一作でラテンアメリカ小説家の第一線に躍り出たと評されている。この物語に基づいて映画化されたのが本作「ロスト・シティ」。カストロによるキューバ革命が起きた1959年、インファンテはすでに29歳。ハバナで映画評論などを書き、それなりに名の知れたジャーナリストだった。革命政権早々、彼は新聞の別冊週刊誌「ルネス」の編集長に据えられたが、時に革命政権を揶揄する原稿を平気で載せたため、雑誌は61年に廃刊となり、インファンテは65年、当時勤めていたベルギーのキューバ大使館から亡命し、ロンドンに居を構えた。

キューバを離れてカブレラ・インファンテはグローバルな視点と感覚を持つようになったのである。葉巻の世界において確固たる見識を持ち、たばこ全般にわたる幅広い知識と経験に裏づけられた軽妙なウイット感溢れる文章。キューバという国で一生を過ごしたならば独特な葉巻感というものは生まれなかったはずである。ジャーナリストとしてより自由な表現が出来る自分であるためにカブレラ・インファンテはキューバに戻らなかった。1985年「HOLY SMOKING」が上辞されてから日本で訳書が登場したのは2005年彼の死後であり2006年と4半世紀も後の事であった。残念ながら今の時代に照らし合わせるとどうしてもタイムラグが生じている事は致し方ない。というのは彼が「HOLY SMOKING」を出版してから20年あまりもたち葉巻の状況が目まぐるしく変わってきているということである。名著であるが時代とともに色褪せる事実も在る。生きている間に改訂版が出ていたら面白かったと思う。

「Por Larranaga」という葉巻を死ぬ前にも燻らせているとしたらどのようなコメントを残したのだろう。そしてフエンテから日本発売された「TheLost City」に関してはどんなコメントをするのだろうか。

Is it good when saying the research book on the cigar?Or, is it good when calling a book on the movie?Cabrera Infante who expressed the peculiar world in "HOLY SMOKING" by sentence enough humour. "Por Larranaga" if it is said the cigar brand of Cuba that he especially loved. When they are made to sometimes smoke, Infante is recalled. There was information when the cigar of "TheLost City" was inadvertently released from Fuente Family recently. Finally, did the leaf actually raised in the farm of Fuente that was the location site of movie "TheLost City" face the aging stage?It becomes a sale also in Japan in this June. It cannot be indescribably said that the cigar will not allow them to smoke though it is slight feelings.

It left Cuba and Cabrera Infante came to have a global aspect and the sense. It has firm discernment in the world of the cigar, and proven witty sentences to wide knowledge and the experience over the cigarette whole with which the wit feeling overflows. A peculiar cigar feeling should not have arisen if the life was spent in the country named Cuba. Cabrera Infante did not return to Cuba because it was me who was able to do a freer expression as a journalist. "HOLY SMOKING" was postmortem in 2005 of him that the translation appeared in Japan after it had been left in the above and the following thing in 1985 for 2006 and as many as 4 half a century. The thing that the time lag is caused by all means when comparing it to our regret in an age today is hopeless. Because the situation of the departure cigar has been changing bewilderingly too much for 20 years after he publishes "HOLY SMOKING". It is a fine book and there is a fact that fades away in the age, too. I think it is interesting when the revised edition comes out while it is alive.

It will know Infante again on this occasion.If he was having the cigar of "Por Larranaga" smoke immediately before dying, what comment might have been left. And, what comment does he leave for "TheLost City" to which Japan is put on the market from Fuente?


Traveling Spirits


The bag comes to want it with the cigar to go picnicking readily. It is too exaggerated and compactly ..not becoming.. preferable though becomes. It becomes a cigar bar having gone out as long as this max Benjamin cigar bar case exists. Weather..give..season..outdoor..natural..quiet..cigar..pleasant.Especially, the necessity that is the distance is not, and wants to go out to a place favorite rich green a park, the river beach, and the beach, etc. readily. A favorite cigar, sake, and ice are put in back early in the morning, and the sandwich at least endures and steps forward the pedal of the bicycle lightly. When it goes to that place somehow to spend a day and it will slow down to the waywardness, this max Benjamin cigar bar case is sure to become man's good mate. Pocket that can beautifully store cutter and device of cigar of writer. Substantially, humidor made of leather of a cylinder type with the humidifier lined by a Spanish Japan cedar. Small refrigerator that puts ice. Four nine-ounce glasses. Four nine-ounce glasses. And, because the bottle enters wholly, the function of the cigar bar is thorough. To our regret, it is a thing personally wanting it by all means in Japan though is not formally put on the market. The time done in a relaxed manner is the one making it and it is oneself that produces. The escape city cigar life might be the one to give freedom and the sense of relief to the cigar that makes them smoke like being usual in the bar though the cigar that makes them smoke in the city is wonderful.


A necessary tool is made a minimum in the picnic. To overflow compactly in the functionality, the typical one wants to recommend Switzerland Swiss army knife. Of course, the type that the cutter of the cigar is attached is preferable. As the content of the function, it is a content of the fault in the picnic such as the wine screw, scissors, the driver, the can opener, the knife, toothpicks for the fruit, and the tweezers. another This type is not formally put on the market to our regret in Japan and is what bought when going to Switzerland to cover. Recently, because various colors become complete, the selection matched to individuality can be done. The steering wheel part is leather in this type, and the mark is pushed and the charm of a chic atmosphere that is type and matted body. The cigar cutter can correspond to RG54 by the scissors type. Sharpness is very wonderful. It is the signature goods that remain in the impression though various cigar cutters were used in this '20.



Raleighは世界各国に輸出。輸出国はフランス、スペイン、ニュージーランド、アルゼンチン、オランダ、タスマニア、 中国、ロシア、アメリカ、オーストラリア、リベリア、西インド、ギリシャ、スイス、ジャワ、エジプト、デンマーク、トリニダード、西アフリ カ、ポルトガル、セイロン、インド、ナイジェリアを数え、
日本にもRaleighに乗っていた選手であり写真家の多田氏により日英博覧会で紹介され輸入さ れました。1905年には自転車の生産だけでなく、自ら自転車に乗り、自転車の素晴らしさを広めたFrank Bowdenは准男爵の称号を受けました。1908年、Frank Bowdenが70歳の誕生日を迎え、当時2000人にまでなった従業員から祝福を受けました。Frankのリーダーシップにより、自転車業界を牽引し、新機能・新技術を生み出し、さらには当時有名だった自転車ブランドであるHumber、Rudge、BSA、Triumphなどをラレーグループに加えていきました。
Frankは亡くなりましたが、Harold Bowdenに事業は引き継がれます。Frankのリーダーシップにより、新技術も取り入れられ、またHumber、Rudge、BSA、Triumphなどの著名ブランドをRaleighグループに吸収します。ラレーはHumber Cyclesブランドも引継ぎ、業務内容をさらに拡大します。
1936年、前ドロヨケ先端に取り付けるランプ・ダイナモ一体型の、ダイナモランプを発売。現在見られるブロックランプの基礎を成しています。色々な自転車にもランプの取付を可能にしました。またSturmey-Archerの技術を生かした、ハブ内臓のダイナモDyno-hubを発売。現在のハブダイナモの基礎ともなっています。静かで抵抗が少なく、完全防水の画期的な発明でした。1943年、ラレーはRudge-Whitworth社を傘下に入れます。Rudgeは、1869年Dan Rudgeが自転車がボーンシェーカーと呼ばれるころに設立。ボーンシェーカー(骨を揺する)とは、当時は空気入りタイヤや、振動吸収の機能が自転車には全くなくて、路面の振動をもろに乗り手が受けるという意味でもありました。1960年、TIグループを吸収。レイノルズといったチューブだけでなく、Phillips、Hercules、Norman、Sunといったブランドもあり、ラレーは世界最大の二輪メーカーになります。
1958年設計家のAlex MoultonはRaleighに小径車の可能性を打診。Raleighの設計担当のAlan Oakleyとディスカッションを交えます。65年、RSWを発売。新しいデザイン。工具不要で男性から女性または子供まで誰でも気軽に乗れ、16インチ の太いタイヤは安定性に優れる特長など、爆発的なヒット商品となり、その後日本にもミニサイクルという新しい自転車のカテゴリーが登場することになりま す。また同時に折りたたみ機構のRSW Compactも発売。車に簡単に積める事を提案します。RSWは、14インチや20インチのモデルも追加され、バリエーションを広げ、次の新コンセプトバイクにつながって行きます。

Raleigh is exported to every country in the world. The exporting country counted France, Spain, New Zealand, Argentina, the Netherlands, Tasmania, China, Russia, the United States, Australia, Liberia, west India, Greece, Switzerland, Java, Egypt, Denmark, Trinidad, West African, and Portugal, Ceylon, India, and Nigeria, was a player Japan who had gotten on Raleigh, was introduced by Mr. Tada, photographer in a Japanese-English exposition, and imported. Bicycles not only were produced but also it took a ride on a bicycle voluntarily in 1905, and Frank Bowden that made wonderful of the bicycle known received the title of the baronetage. Frank Bowden received blessing from the employee who became it up to 2000 people at that time on 70-year-old birthday in 1908. The bicycle industry was pulled by the lead of Frank, a new features included and a new technology were invented, and Humber, Rudge, BSA, and Triumph, etc. that were a famous bicycle furthermore brands at that time were added to Raleigh group.The business is succeeded to Harold Bowden though Frank died in 1921. A new technology is taken by the lead of Frank and famous brands such as Humber, Rudge, BSA, and Triumph are absorbed to the Raleigh group.Raleigh succeeds the Humber Cycles brand, and expands work contents.The dynamo lamp of the lamp dynamo all-in-one design installed in the front mad cover point is put on the market in 1936. The base of the block lamp seen now has been done. Various bicycles also enabled the installation of the lamp. Moreover, dynamo Dyno-hub of the hub internal organs that made the best use of the technology of Sturmey-Archer is put on the market. It becomes basic of a present hub dynamo. It was quiet, and resistance was few, and epoch-making inventions of a complete waterproof. Raleigh puts the Rudge-Whitworth Co. in the subsidiary in 1943. When Dan Rudge in 1869 is called the bicycle a Vaughan shaker, Rudge is established. The Vaughan shaker (The bone was shaken) was not to provide the function of the tire with air and the vibrational absorption in the bicycle at all at that time, and to have meant the rider directly received the vibration of the road. The TI group is absorbed in 1960. There are not only the tube named Reynolds but also Phillips, Hercules, Norman, and a brand named Sun, and Raleigh becomes the world's largest two wheels manufacturer.Alex Moulton of the design person in 1958 percusses the possibility of the small wheel bike to Raleigh. Alan Oakley and the discussion of the design charge of Raleigh are exchanged. RSW is put on the market for 65 years. New design. It is possible to get on from the man as even the woman or the child is light-hearted everyone, and as for an excellent feature in stability etc. , it becomes an explosive hot-selling product, and the category of a new bicycle of mini cycle will appear in Japan afterwards a fat tire of 16 inches an unnecessary tool it. Moreover, RSW Compact of the fold mechanism is put on the market at the same time. It proposes the thing that the car can easily pile up. The model of 14 inches and 20 inches is added, and the variation is expanded, and RSW is connected with the next new concept motorcycle.

ある程度年齢を重ねてくると自転車に乗るときに自分らしいこだわ りを表現したくなる。自分の生き方やスタイルに少しだけでもこだわりを持っているなら、より自分らしさを追及するだけの事。ラレーらしさに引かれるのは単 に古いスタイルを踏襲しているだけではなく、いつも進化していながらも原点を大事にするということだろうか。英国の伝統、ブリティッシュ・トラッドが漂う 斬新さで魅せてくれる。バスケットに葉 巻と酒を忍ばせて郊外に自転車でピクニック、街中をスーツを着てビジネスの場所まで移動する時にクラシックな自転車に乗っている気分は爽快であり、心をく すぐる存在である。シンプルな機能美を持っている自転車の魅力は自分が持っているTPOにさりげなく応じてくれることかもしれない。今ではそんな自転車を 生産する会社が世界でも数社、ラレーはその貴重な一社である。ある時はビジネス街を颯爽と駆け、ある時には郊外にピクニック、ある時にはハットを被りホテ ルのエントランスに堂々と乗り付けたいものだ。自分が暮らしの中に持っているTPOに応じて、いつもその場に相応しい自転車の存在は稀である。

It comes to want to express the one's own sticking to when taking a ride on a bicycle if the age is piled up to some degree. With sticking to in my way of life and style only even a little, the thing only of the pursuit of me or more it seem. Is the starting point valued though being pulled to seeming Raleigh it not only is followed an only old style but also always evolves?It is novelty where the tradition of Britain and traditional drift and charm [setekureru]. The cigar and sake are endured, and feelings to ride on a classic bicycle when moving to the place of the business putting on the suit in the picnic and the town with the bicycle in suburbs are refreshing, and are existence in the basket that tickles the mind. The charm of the bicycle with simple functional beauty might be what casually responds to TPO that I have. Companies that produce such bicycles now are several companies also in the world, and Raleigh is the one valuable company. At one stage it runs dashingly on the business street, and I want to drive up to the entrance at the receiving hotel in a dignified manner in suburbs as for the hat when picnicking certain when certain. The existence of a suitable bicycle for the place is always rare according to TPO that I have in the living.




The charm of the bicycle might always be a thing in fresh feelings from in the childhood repeatedly to do as for the age. These worlds stand in the top of the prosperity of the motorization, and, next, exist in the substitution of energy and the revolution period of the engine. The bicycle also is a counterplan and has unfailingly had a part of of tool about people's livings a certain time in by the side as a leg of the commuting going to school according to TPO in the small travel, the picnic, and daily life of leisure at that time counterplan. It is especially pulled to the charm of Raleigh afresh. The bicycle that overflows simply in functional beauty is eternal existence though it is an old bell epoque. It might be posture that want to pay attention as small chic adult bicycle in which classics are always valued. It comes also for the adult in the age when to want to get on only Raleigh. The bicycle industry has reached new heights of prosperity worldwide. A road bike, a crossbike, a mountain bike, minibero, a classic cycle, and the variation are deep. The bicycle that the cigar suits is especially limited. The bicycle that the suit suits exists though it might be extreme ..near... The existence of a classic cycle is remarkable in such respect. It is Raleigh if it is said it is classic. Let's chase the history that the Raleigh is interesting.

1870年香港から帰国したFrank Bowdenは、香港での実業の激務から体調を崩しますが、友人から薦められたサイクリングにより、医者も驚くほどの快復をしました。Frank Bowdenは、ノッティンガム・ラレー自転車のレースサポートも積極的に行い、自転車製造の技術も高まってきます。Raleighの大きなアイデンティティで あったチューブラークラウンが開発されました。タイヤの太さにあわせてクラウンを製作する必要もなく、軽量で優れたもので、その後も多くのモデルに採用さ れました。ストリートに合った小さな自転車工房を買い取り、通りの名前からRaleigh Bicycle Companyと会社名を名づけたのでした。1896年、新ラレー工場が稼動。なんと16基ものガスエンジンを動力としていました。既にこのとき世界最大の自転車工場となっていました。1897年にZimmyことA.A.Zimmermanは、ラレー初の世界チャンピオンに輝きます。その後1400以上のレースで勝ち続け、主な舞台だったアメリカでは、「大統領よりも名が知れたやつ」としてジャーナリストが書いたほどです。享楽が好きで、陽気で、おまけにレーサーなのにタバコは吸うし、大きなレースの前日でも夜更けまで友達と騒いでる。そんな気さくで偉大なレーサーに人々は魅了されました。1896年、チューブラークラウンに続き、技術者Millにより、鋼板からプレスで生産するラグが開発されます。それまで鋳造に頼っていたフレーム継手部分が鋼で製作されることにより、有名な「All-Steel Bicycle」のRaleighのスローガンが生まれました。また独自のラグにより、クロスフレームデザインを設計。自転車が女性にも大きく受け入れられ、その後の女性用フレームデザインの基礎にもなったのです。 Sturmey Archerがラレーグループに統合されました。後車輪軸部分(ハブ)に内装変速を搭載するシステムの実用化はSturmeyが世界で初めて成功し、1903年より3段ギヤを発売しました。坂道やコンディションによって、ペダルを踏む重さを変えることができる変速ステムは、自転車の可能性を、大きく広げる大きなステップとなったのです。また手元で変速できるレバーは、ハンドルから手を離さず、誰でも簡単に変速できる画期的な特許となりました。新たな可能性を求め、モーターサイクルの生産を模索します。3.5馬力の軽量なRaleightteは燃費22km以上、最高速48kmを出せ、時速35~37kmで巡航可能。8馬力の乗用車にも、走行性能は劣らないものでした。1909年、女性に自転車の素晴らしさと、Raleighの女性用自転車を訴求するキャンペーンを開始。新しいフレームデザイン、 チェーンを完全に覆いつくしたチェーンケース、ドレスガード、スプリング付サドルなど女性のために十分に考えられた装備を備え、13kg以下の軽量なもの でした。1907年に生産量3万台を超え、英国ならびにアイルランドに倉庫を構えます。英国全国にRaleighブランドは大きく浸透していきました。工場は生産量を増加し続け、平均1700台、ある週は1934台を生産。設備機械も3000台を越えていました。その後も生産を増加させますが、第一次世界大戦の足音が近づき、生産に変化が見られてきます。(続く)

The doctor also did a surprising recovery though Frank Bowden that returned home from Hong Kong in 1870 upset one's health from the hard work of business in Hong Kong by the cycling having been recommended by the friend. Frank Bowden positively does the race support of the Nottingham Raleigh bicycle, and the technology of the bicycle manufacturing rises. A tubular crown that was a big identity of Raleigh was developed. It adopted it in the thickness of the tire, and the crown did not have to be produced additionally, and it was adopted for a lot of models afterwards by a light, excellent one. Because the small bicycle atelier suitable for the street was bought, and Raleigh Bicycle Company and the company name had been named from the name of the street, it did. The new Raleigh factory operates in 1896. 16 gas engines were very assumed to be power. It was already the world's largest bicycle factory at this time. Zimmy shines to the world champion of first Raleigh in 1897. It kept winning at the race of 1400 or more, and the journalist wrote as "Guy who knew names more than President" in the United States that was the main stage afterwards. The cigarette is smoked, and makes noise with the friend until midnight the day before of a big race though likes, is cheerful the enjoyment, and is additionally racer it. People were enchanted by such a candid, great racer. Lagu who produces with the steel board with the press is developed by engineer Mill following a tubular crown in 1896. The slogan of Raleigh of famous "All-Steel Bicycle" arose by the frame fitting part's where it had relied on the casting being produced with steel till then. Moreover, the crossing frame design is designed by original Lagu. The bicycle was greatly accepted also by the woman, and it became basic of the women's frame design afterwards.Sturmey Archer was integrated into Raleigh group. The practical use of the system equipped with the interior changing the speed in the post-wheel axis part hub succeeded for the first time in the world Sturmey, and put three step gear on the market in 1903. The changing the speed stem that was able to change the pedaling weight became a big step where the possibility of the bicycle was greatly expanded by the slope and the condition. Moreover, the lever that was able to change the speed at hand did not separate the hand from the steering wheel, and became epoch-making patent to which everyone was able to change the speed easily. It gropes for the production at the motor cycle for a new possibility. It can get maximum speed 48 the km at the fuel cost 22km or more, and it is possible to cruise in light Raleightte of 3.5 horsepower by per hour 35?37km. In eight horsepower passenger car, the driving performance was not inferior. The campaign to solicit the woman's bicycle of Raleigh begins with wonderful in the woman of the bicycle in 1909. A new frame design and the chain were completely covered, it provided with the equipment thought about enough for the woman such as the saddles with the chain case, the dress guard done to attach, and spring, and the light one of 13kg or less. The warehouse is set up in Britain and Ireland exceeding 30,000 production in 1907. The Raleigh brand greatly infiltrated the British whole country. The factory keeps increasing production, and 1934 is produced 1700 averages and a certain weeks. The equipment machine also had exceeded 3000. The footstep of World War I approaches, and the change is seen in production though production is increased afterwards. (Continue. )